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Quality education is a dire need of the hour. Education that matters; the one that brings a positive change in society and the world at large. To meet this noble objective, we need teachers of high caliber and outlook. The belief that a teacher is the backbone of a society is still practical and relevant.

Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools, since its conception, has been of the same belief that developing a progressive teacher is developing a reformist set of children, which will further add to the cause and a better society will emerge from around us.

In this quest, the Corporate Office of Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools has been working determinedly on grooming the Jaipurian teachers through constant teacher-development programs, workshops and rigorous training.

Upskill - Scale up your skills, The Refresher Teachers’ Training in the same direction is a yearly episode that ensures 100 percent inclusion of all Jaipurian teachers across all Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools. Teachers of all the subjects attend specific training sessions from the finest trainers from across the country.


Crescendo is a stage where little Jaipurians give wings to their budding talents and take it higher. Crescendo provides a platform for all those who want to showcase their extra ordinary talent. Crescendo highlights the development of an individual through various competitions, so that they become more confident and ensures a bright future for our country.

The idea is to provide a learning opportunity to students alongside a platform to showcase their talents. Crescendo defines the zeal for excellence and is focused on the holistic development of children. Crescendo is a great platform where students are learned to overcome the challenges of the future. It provides an opportunity for students to bond with each other, learn about cities and explore different cultures.

At Jaipuria, special events were being organized time to time. People were enthralled by special performances from expert bands/ troupes/ acts. Some students also spoke highly about the workshops in Robotics, Creative Writing, Pottery, etc. that were organized on the side.


Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools offer its students a wider stage to learn, grow and excel. Pinnacle, our inter-school sports and cultural event, elevate preparation and performance to a new height. Pinnacle 3rd inter-Jaipuria school sports championship was being organized in Lucknow. This sports tournament witnessed participation from around 3500+ students from 25 Jaipuria schools pan-India.

The Grand Finale of the first and second edition of Pinnacle had been witnessed by more than 2400+ people, including students, parents, teachers, and special guests, which took place at PAC Grounds and reached out to over 150000 people. This year at Pinnacle 2019, 3500+ students from 25 schools Pan-India participated in a variety of sports.

Participation in sports encourages physical activity, improves mental health, and teaches teamwork. At Jaipuria, we encourage a co-ed atmosphere, therefore a mix team of boys and girls are considered at Pinnacle.


The world has changed, and the pandemic has accentuated the need for life skills more than every before. At Jaipuria, flipped learning, student-led classrooms, collaborative learning through team projects, case studies and inter-disciplinary projects has always been the cornerstone of educational focus. We offer innovative and integrated approach to learning. For instance, we offer learning through Interdisciplinary Projects, (IDP), integrating ideas, perspectives, hypothesis, opinions and guiding principles from multiple disciplines to systematically form a more complete framework of assay offering a higher learning and understanding of the given topic. Imagine, an opportunity for a student to embark on learning mathematics and chemistry through the exciting texts of Harry Potter whilst collaborating with their peers! Jaipuria Schools will in the futurecollaborate with schools globally to enrich these projects further.

This unique method synthesises learning from different disciplines to take children deeper into one chosen theme or concept. It allows for children to learn a more inclusive perspective at their own pace.

Whilst this is in line with the focus of the curriculum framework and the recent NEP 2020, all assessments are done for 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication , information literacy, technology literacy and others.

This also brings in learning beyond content, including FLEXIBILITY, MEDIA LITERACY, LEADERSHIP, INITIATIVE, PRODUCTIVITY, SOCIAL SKILLS. There is attempt to get going on bagless-days and structured mentorship at schools.

*Jaipuria designs the learning experience keeping my needs in mind. That is why learning and growing is so much fun here!*

Focus of the Month

Children are exposed to one subject or theme in multiple ways throughout the month. This helps them connect to the subject at a metacognitive level of learning. Children gain insights and apply their knowledge through a list of activities like

  • ASSEMBLY with focused theme
  • THEME BOARDS running across the school and in the classroom
  • CLUB Activities
  • COMPETITIONS to enhance learning